Prairie West Landscapes

Prairie West Landscapes was incorporated in 1978, and has been under the same directorate since then. The Company has earned a solid reputation of quality workmanship, the use of first class materials, and competitive pricing. We feel that one of our most valued assets is our staff members. The Company designed, developed and installed Residential and Commercial projects ranging from $5,000.00 to $650,000.00. We hire and train knowledgeable staff that perform services from lawn mowing, flower and shrub maintenance, to weed control and pruning.

Do I have to be 18 to work there?

No, you do not have to be eighteen to work for our company. We select individuals on the basis of their skills, ability, and character. Your actual age isn't as important as the level of maturity and dedication you bring to the organization.

Full vs. Part Time Positions

We have both part-time and full-time positions available within our company. It depends on the position you are applying for and the number of clients and customers requesting the use of our services.

What is your hiring process?

Individuals wishing to join our team of dedicated and hard working staff should first send their resume via fax or email. After receiving your resume we will than review it, along with all of the other resumes received for that position, and request an interview with those people we feel are best qualified.

What skills do I need?

Any skills you may posses with regards to lawn mowing, flower and shrub maintenance, weed control and pruning would be considered an asset, but are not necessary as we provide training to all of our employees.

What do you look for in employees?

We look for individuals who are hard workers with a consistent employment record. People with a positive attitude and a strong character are also important to Prairie West. Also, employees must be available to work a variety of shifts including the weekend.

Do you have summer positions available?

As summer is one of our busiest times of the year we do hire a lot of seasonal positions. These jobs require people to perform such tasks as turf maintenance, assisting in the construction of various projects, or providing care and maintenance to ornamental plants, shrubs and trees.

How many people do you employ?

Prairie Landscapes Inc. currently employs thirty-five people who work as a highly dedicated team of individuals that do their best to provide an outstanding level of service that exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Do I need to drop off a resume or can I apply online?

Applicants can send their resumes with utmost confidence by fax (252-0372) or E-mail You can also fill out an application in our office and leave it with us.

How much will I get paid?

The starting rate for employees that have no experience is $12.00/hr, and can increase based on the amount of experience of the individual.

What type of schooling do I need?

There is no specific level of education required to work at Prairie West Landscapes, however depending on the position it may be an asset.

What Prairie West expects from you

Prairie West needs your help in making each working day enjoyable and rewarding. Your first responsibility is to know your own duties and how to perform them promptly, correctly and pleasantly. Secondly, you are expected to cooperate with management and your fellow employees and to maintain a good team attitude.

How you interact with fellow employees and those whom Prairie West serves, and how you accept direction can affect the success of your department. In turn, the performance of one department can impact the entire service offered by Prairie West. Consequently, whatever your position, you have an important assignment: perform every task to the very best of your ability.

You are encouraged to grasp opportunities for personal development offered to you. This article offers insight on how you can perform positively and to the best of your ability to meet and exceed Prairie West's expectations.

We strongly believe you should have the right to make your own choices in matters that concern and control your life. We believe in direct access to management. We are dedicated to making Prairie West a company where you can approach your manager, or any member of management, to discuss any problem or question. We expect you to voice your opinions and contribute your suggestions to improve the quality of Prairie West.

Remember, you help create the pleasant and safe working conditions that Prairie West intends for you. The result will be better performance for the company overall, and personal satisfaction for you.

Types of positions:

Landscape Maintenance Staff Member

The Landscape Maintenance Staff Members will work under the direction of The Landscape Maintenance Foreman. Their main function is turf maintenance, responsible to keep the lawns cut and trimmed.

The maintenance workers must be able to operate light powered equipment.

The duties and responsibilities of Landscape Maintenance workers include:

  • Complete tasks as assigned and in a manner as instructed by the Foremen
  • Report to the assigned project at the scheduled time. Notify the Company immediately in the case of absence
  • Maintain the quality standards for the maintenance project
  • Observe all safety practices. Report all injuries and occupationally related illnesses to the Foreman
  • Inform the Foreman immediately of any problems that have been overlooked
  • Perform all duties as assigned

Landscape Construction Crew Member

The Landscape Construction Crew Member's primary function is to provide the physical labour required to construct a project in a proper, efficient and safe manner.

He or she must have knowledge of construction techniques, and the ability to learn various physical tasks, and, knowledge of construction safety practices.

The duties and responsibilities of construction workers include:

  • Complete tasks as assigned and in a manner instructed by the Foreman
  • Report to the assigned project at the scheduled time. Notify the Company immediately in the case of absence
  • Maintain the quality standards for the project
  • Observe all project safety practices. Report all injuries and occupationally related illnesses to the Foreman
  • Obtain sufficient information about each project to gain full understanding and proceed in an efficient manner
  • Inform the Foreman immediately of any problems that have been overlooked
  • Use materials and time efficiently to keep wastage to a minimum
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Landscape Construction Foreman

The Foreman is the leader of the project. He/she must guide the Team. He/she is the on-site representative for the Landscape Company; and is the Company's key to a project's success and, therefore must have excellent communication, problem solving, and customer skills.

The Foreman is under the direction of the Production Manager, and, is the individual that is key to the implementation of the design in an efficient and accurate manner. It is a must that he/she is capable of performing a variety of tasks that include; surveying, minor carpentry, masonry, grading, planting, plant indentification, irrigation installation, and equipment operation.

He/she must know how to read plans and then accurately install the design from the drawings. Although the Company might sub-contract some installation tasks, the foreman should still have enough knowledge about these tasks that he/she can supervise and insure that the sub-contractor is building their portion correctly.

Since the Foreman is in direct charge of building the project, he/she must have the proper skills to motivate and teach labourers, report job costing information back to his Manager, and work with sub-contractors and the Crew as well as the client.

Other responsibilities of the Foreman include:

  • Organizing the Crew in a manner that results in high efficiency
  • Setting solid example of quality and good work habits to his subordinates, and encourage development of his crew without loss or efficiency
  • Analyze any problems that may arise at the job, and, if possible, come up with solutions and implement them
  • Submit all receipts and time sheets to his/her Manager daily
  • Look after equipment and vehicles and report any damage or malfunction immediately. Check fuel and fluid levels daily
  • Enforce safe working conditions with all job assignments and is responsible for instructing staff on proper equipment use and work method

Landscape Maintenance Foreman

The Landscape Maintenance Foreman works in a supervisory capacity, under the direction of the Turf and Irrigation Supervisor / Manager. Responsibilities include delegating work assignments, overseeing job performance and inspection the projects.

Other responsibilities of the Foreman include:

  • Overseeing the completion of work assignments by crewmembers and assisting with field decisions regarding job procedures, work standards, and machinery use
  • Enforcing safe working conditions with all job assignments and is responsible for instruction staff on proper equipment use and work methods
  • Supervising special projects and labour crews
  • Completing Daily Time sheets for the crew
  • Knowledge of tools, equipment, methods, and materials used in grounds maintenance work
  • Ability to operate trucks and light motorized equipment
  • Basic knowledge of turf grass science and landscape maintenance
  • Ability to follow oral and written directions
  • Proven leadership capabilities
  • Possession of a valid Driver's License

Landscape Horticulturalist

The Horticulturist will work under the direction of the Landscape Maintenance Manager. He or she is responsible for the care and maintenance of ornamental plants, shrubs, and trees on the maintenance properties. This includes cultivating and edging of shrub beds.

The Horticulturist must have knowledge of the characteristics, growth habits, and proper cultivation of a wide selection of flowering bulbs and annual, biennial and perennial plant material, including both herbaceous and woody plants.

Other duties and responsibilities will include:

  • Cultivating and edging of shrub and flowerbeds and tree wells
  • Trim and prune hedges and shrubbery
  • Apply fertilizers to ornamental plantings
  • Advise on when trimming is required