The Brick

a) How long have you been in business?
• Since 1971 (47 years)

b) How many locations do you have in Calgary and nationally/internationally? What locations are hiring locally in Calgary and area?
• Calgary Area: 8 Retail Locations and 1 Distribution Centre
• Nationally: over 220 stores and growing
• At any given time we are hiring various positions in one or more of our locations.

c) How many people does your organization employ? How many locally?
• Total: 5600
• Calgary and Area: 400

d) What type of positions do you offer?  (ex. Full time, part time, seasonal, contract etc.)
• Full Time
• Part Time

e) What are the benefits of working for your company? Staff discounts, incentive programs, scholarships etc.
• Flexible “employer-paid” benefits including Health, Dental and Paramedical Services for you and your family
• Competitive pay
• Paid training
• Career progression program
• Access to free personal development training through “The Brick University”
• Employee discounts & Personal "Paid" days off
• Recognition, incentives, prizes and giveaways! 

f) Describe opportunities for advancement.
• The Brick offers a full range of career pathways. From Retail, to Distribution, to corporate functions; our training and mentorship programs ensure that anyone interested in a career within The Brick is supported and developed appropriately. 

g) List any corporate responsibility initiatives that your organization is currently involved in.
• Full information can be found :
• Proud corporate supported of Children’s Charities including: Children’s Miracle Network, Teddy Bear Toss Events, Brickley’s Clubhouse and The Brick Invitational Super Novice Hockey Tournament
• Environmental Sustainability “Project Green”: Recycling initiatives which ensures 70%+ of our waste never makes it to landfill, fleet improvements to more environmentally friendly trucks, improved energy management systems and high efficiency lighting are all part of our dedication to limiting our carbon footprint
• Wounded Warriors
• Tree Canada

What are some entry level career opportunities that your organization offers?

a) How would someone find out about opportunities at your company? How can a candidate apply?
• People can apply in person. Each store has a Now Hiring sign indicating positions available at that location.  People can apply in person.
• People can search online at and apply online as well.
• People can submit resumes or make inquiries about our positions by email

b) Describe your hiring and interview process?
• Applicants selected for an interview will be welcomed in to meet with the hiring manager at the location where they have applied.  Questions pertaining to the position, their experience and career goals will be discussed.  On occasion a second interview with another manager may be required.
• Individuals who are selected will be notified and welcomed in for orientation.

c) What do you look for in an employee?
• Skills and/or experience pertaining to the position
• Value match: Teamwork, Attitude, Innovation and Excellence

d) What type of education/training/equipment do you require?
• Most positions are entry level
• Some distribution (Driver) positions require a valid license and driving experience.
• High school diploma (or if you are in the middle of completing) is considered an asset

e) What is the minimum age required to work for your company? Are there different age requirements for different positions?
• 16 for Retail Merchandising and Customer Service
• 18 for all other

f) Provide a wage range for entry level positions.
• $15-$16/Hour

g) What are the hours of the business and general shift times? Are there a minimum number of hours someone needs to work per week? Is there flexibility regarding school schedules?
• Retail Hours: M-F 9:30am-9:30pm Sat 9:00am-9:00pm Sun 10:00am-6:00pm
• Distribution Hours: 24 Hours a day Except Friday/Saturday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
• Full time shifts would be 8 Hours within operating hours.  Part time shifts would vary
• There are no minimum hours to work with a part time position.
• Part time Retail Merchandising and Customer Service are generally geared towards students and scheduled to be accommodating to school commitments (standard evenings and weekends).

h) Is a uniform provided or do employees have to pay for it?
• Retail Sales: Business Attire, team member supplies
• Retail Customer Service: Business Casual, team member supplies
• Retail Merchandising and Distribution: Uniform required, business supplies