Michaels is an arts and crafts retail chain. The average Michaels store now contains 40,000 different products in 18,200 square feet (1,700 m) of selling space. The stores sell a selection of arts, crafts, framing, floral, wall d├ęcor, bakeware,beads, scrapbooking and seasonal merchandise for hobbyists and do-it-yourself (DIY) home decorators.

We have 9 stores In Calgary, 133 stores across Canada, and a total of more than 1105 stores in the USA and Canada combined.

Michaels has been in business since 1984.

How many people does your organization employ? How many locally?

In general, we total over 7500 employees.

What type of positions do you offer?

We offer full-time and part-time hourly positions.

What are the benefits of working for your company?

We provide a 30% employee discount.

Describe opportunities for advancement.

Michaels has an excellent mentorship and career development program. Career advancement is endless as long as the Team Member is interested in furthering their career within Michaels. We have senior leaders who began their careers as part time cashiers and sales.

List any corporate responsibility initiatives that your organization is currently involved in.

Michaels is proud to be involved in helping build a better community. We are supporting Starlight Foundation. Our efforts are directed corporately to help us focus our charitable participation to do the most good by working with national and recognized organizations that align with our giving goals. Also, our associates nationally are involved with various volunteer efforts in their local communities.

What are some entry level career opportunities that your organization offers?
  • Cashier
  • Sales Associate
  • Replenishment Associate
How would someone find out about opportunities at your company? How can a candidate apply?

All of our positions are listed on our company website. Applicants may apply online here.
Describe your hiring and interview process?

Applications, submitted online, are reviewed by our store managers on a regular basis. Those who qualify for the available positions, are contacted by the store manager for an interview.

What do you look for in an employee?

  • Excellent people skills
  • Service oriented with a positive attitude
  • Experience in customer service
  • Flexible to work all shifts - days, afternoons, evenings and weekends and early mornings from 5am

What type of education/training/equipment do you require?

A Minimum of high school education is required.

What is the minimum age required to work for your company? Are there different age requirements for different positions?

For the cashier and floor sales positions, minimum16 years of age. For the Framing Department, minimum 18 years of age.

Provide a wage range for entry level positions.

Minimum wage as a starting hourly rate.

What are the hours of the business and general shift times? Are there a minimum number of hours someone needs to work per week? Is there flexibility regarding school schedules?

The store manager will work with employees regarding availability, dependent upon the positions of the team member.

Is a uniform provided or do employees have to pay for it?

We provide the Michaels logo vest to our team members.