The City of Calgary


The City provides a wide range of services, from the Aquatics and Fitness programs that Calgarians enjoy, to essential services like Water Treatment & Supply and Public Transit.

a)    How long have you been in business?

      Since 1884

How many locations do you have in Calgary and nationally/internationally? What locations are hiring locally in Calgary and area?

As a municipal government, we operate out of several locations in Calgary, covering all quadrants of The City. Seasonal workers may be assigned to any of these locations dependent upon operational requirements.

How many people does your organization employ? How many locally?

In total, The City employs approximately 14,300 people. This consists of full-time, part-time, seasonal, temporary and student employees.  The annual seasonal employee workforce usually totals approximately 900 people.

What type of positions do you offer?  (ex. Full time, part time, seasonal, contract etc.)

While we offer many types of positions, currently we are looking to fill up to 200 seasonal positions in 2023.  These positions include:

·         Parks Labourers

·         Parks Gardeners

·         Water Services Labourer

·         Landfill Labourers

·         Seasonal Collection Drivers

·         Traffic Operations Labourers

·         Golf Course Workers

·         Greenskeepers 

What are the benefits of working for your company? Staff discounts, incentive programs, scholarships etc.

Full-time seasonal staff participate in the extended health and dental benefits program.

One unique benefit is that these positions appeals to people who only want to work in the spring/summer months as opposed to winter.

Describe opportunities for advancement.

Seasonal employees who meet work hour requirements and who are laid off at the end of the season may be eligible for recall in the next season. People eligible for recall will be notified when positions are available and they will not need to re-apply for employment with The City.

Many seasonal employees also move on to obtain permanent positions within the organization when vacancies are posted.

g)    List any corporate responsibility initiatives that your organization is currently involved in.

The City of Calgary continuously looks for ways in which to be a leader in environmental, health and safety stewardship. While serving Calgarians, we balance our environmental and safety responsibilities, while still providing the services citizens need. Below are a few of these sustainable examples:

·         Repurposed land under the 4th street flyover to create a thriving green space.

·         Installed a large-scale solar PV system on Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant to help create a sustainable building.

·         Diverted waste from landfills by building Canada’s largest composting facility

·         Purchase City buses that are better for the environment

·         Replanted 24,00 tress to replace the storm-damaged urban forest.

·         Control weeds naturally by introducing goats in public spaces.

·         All staffed City facilities have access to recycling and food and yard waste diversion.

In addition, some of the initiatives recently approved by Council in The City’s 2023-2026 service plans and budgets, include:

·         Continuing to support Calgary’s Mental Health and Addiction Strategy to maintain community programming and activate new partnerships

·         Advancing Truth and Reconciliation within the corporation and furthering our relations with First Nations, Metis and Urban Indigenous Communities.  

·         Progressing affordable housing including the Rapid Housing Initiative & Housing Accelerator.

·         Furthering the Downtown Strategy by continuing to convert unused office space into residential units and post-secondary institutions.

What are some entry level career opportunities that your organization offers? 

We are currently looking to fill up to 200 seasonal positions for 2023. These positions include:

·         Parks Labourers

·         Parks Gardeners

·         Water Services Labourer

·         Landfill Labourers

·         Seasonal Collection Drivers

·         Traffic Operations Labourers

·         Golf Course Workers

·         Greenskeepers 

a)   How would someone find out about opportunities at your company? How can a candidate apply?

All seasonal positions will be posted on The City of Calgary careers website at Jobs will be posted from mid-January to mid-February.

Describe your hiring and interview process?

People must apply directly on our website at for any position they are interested in.

Once the posting closes, managers will review the applications and be in contact with applicants who meet the position qualifications. Next step is typically a structured behaviour-based interview. More details on these types of interviews are available on our website. Help and job resources (

After interview, some positions may require the applicant to complete pre-employment conditions such as a pre-employment drug test or The City’s Operator’s permit.

What do you look for in an employee?

Given the seasonal positions can be physically demanding, we look for people who are willing to work in all types of weather conditions, and who know they may be exposed to dust, dirt, fertilizers, and/or pesticides, or will be required to safely operate power/hand tools (depending on the specific position).

 To be successful in these positions you must demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills with a demonstrated customer focus and the ability to work with and assist team members. Proven safety awareness and dependability for completing all aspects of the job is also required.

What type of education/training/equipment do you require?

This will vary depending on the seasonal position. Some require a minimum of a grade 10 education, while others, such as the Greenskeeper positions, require completion of a 2 year diploma.

Some positions also require a valid Class 5 driver’s license, with some requiring a minimum Class 3 licence.

What is the minimum age required to work for your company? Are there different age requirements for different positions?

There are different age requirements for different positions. Some of the seasonal positions require the person to be at least 18 years of age, but others will accept people who are under 18.

Provide a wage range for entry level positions.

Wages for seasonal positions vary. Labourer positions start at $28.82 per hour. This increases depending on the position. All wage rates are posted on the job posting. 

What are the hours of the business and general shift times? Are there a minimum number of hours someone needs to work per week? Is there flexibility regarding school schedules?

Shifts vary depending on the specific seasonal position. Some positions will vary to provide coverage for 7 day/week operations and include weekends/holidays and shifts may be 9.5 to 12 hours in length. Exact shift requirements will be noted on the job posting.

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