International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 212


May Employer Spotlight:

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 212

The Youth Employment Centre (YEC) asked I.A.T.S.E. to answer a few questions about their company: 

How long have you been in business? 

Since 1912

How many locations do you have in Calgary and nationally/internationally? What locations are hiring locally in Calgary and area? 

We are a local union for Southern Alberta. There are two IATSE unions in Alberta. Edmonton (Local 210) and Calgary (Local 212). We are always accepting applications to the different departments of technicians we represent. 

How many people does your organization employ? How many locally? 

IATSE Local 212 has over 1000 full members and over 400 permits that work in film or stage. 

What type of positions do you offer?  (ex. Full time, part time, seasonal, contract etc.) 

Positions are seasonal and as per contracts. 

What are the benefits of working for your company? Staff discounts, incentive programs, scholarships etc.

Full IATSE members have a health plan and RRSP contributions from the employer. 

Describe opportunities for advancement. 

Most new applicants will start at entry level position with opportunities to move up to hire skilled paid positions as they gain more industry experience. 

How would someone find out about opportunities at your company? How can a candidate apply? 

Job opportunities are available through our dispatch system. This is how a new applicant would receive work. Starting point is to pursue permit status. Apply online through our website by completing the Motion Picture or Stage Application. 

Describe your hiring and interview process? 

All applications are processed by the departments that the applicant is applying to. Representatives for each department review all applicants to ensure the candidate meets the basic department requirements. There is no formal interview process. 

What do you look for in an employee? 

Physically able to perform the duties of the job and reliable. Ability to take direction from department members. Willingness to continue educating yourself on the changing technology we face in our industry. 

What type of education/training/equipment do you require? 

To become a full IATSE member, after completing the required 60 days/480 hours, standard first aid Level C and WHMIS 2015 are requirements for membership. Continued recertification for equipment operation is required. Specific certifications depend on the job or department you are working in. 

What is the minimum age required to work for your company? 

Are there different age requirements for different positions? Minimum age is 18 to apply for permit status in film or stage. 

Provide a wage range for entry level positions. 

Wage range is from $19 (trainee rate) - $32.00 skilled labour. Wages for specific jobs are predetermined through our contract negotiations and will also depend on the budget of the production. 

What are the hours of the business and general shift times? Are there a minimum number of hours someone needs to work per week? Is there flexibility regarding school schedules? 

Minimum hours for film are 8 hour days but can extend to 10-12 hour days which is typical work hours. 7 am – 7 pm. Monday – Friday. Stage hours are a minimum of 4 hours. Stage hours offer more flexibility for students as those calls are often in the evening and weekends. 

Is a uniform provided or do employees have to pay for it? 

Each department will have a set tools requirement and gear requirement. All permits must have their basic tool kit as per the department as well as any specific gear requirements including all weather gear as we work on location, inside and outside rain or shine. 

For more information about I.A.T.S.E. please visit their website at

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