Resorts of the Canadian Rockies (RCR)


Resorts of the Canadian Rockies - Nakiska Winter Sports School

October Employer Spotlight 

The Youth Employment Centre (YEC) asked Resorts of the Canadian Rockies - Nakiska Winter Sports School (RCR) to answer a few questions about their company: 

How long have you been in business? 

Since 1988.

How many locations do you have in Calgary and nationally/internationally? What locations are hiring locally in Calgary and area? 

Just one location, the Nakiska Winter Sports School in Kananaskis, Alberta.

How many people does your organization employ? How many locally? 

At the Nakiska Ski School we employ approximately 30 full time and 50 - 60 part time employees.

What type of positions do you offer?  (ex. Full time, part time, seasonal, contract etc.) 

We employ full time seasonal and part time seasonal.

What are the benefits of working for your company? Staff discounts, incentive programs, scholarships etc. 

Staff discounts across departments, free seasons pass, and reciprocal lift tickets at neighboring resorts.

Describe opportunities for advancement. 

We offer training opportunities on-snow are a key part of working with snow school. We’re here to help you get to your next level of qualification. 

Motivated employees who upskill from level 1 to 2 can enjoy a $6.00 per hour pay raise.

What are some entry level career opportunities that your organization offers? How would someone find out about opportunities at your company? How can a candidate apply? 

Interested candidates can find us online and apply through our website.

Describe your hiring and interview process?

When applying for a teaching position, candidates resume is reviewed – if deemed suitable for our school an invitation for interview will be sent along with a staff brochure with more information about the school. Interviews are conducted over the phone. Once interviewed, successful candidates will be contacted and offered a job usually within 10-14 days.

What do you look for in an employee? 

First thing that is observed is overall attitude, levels of engagement in the conversation and indications of work ethic. 

Second is relevant experience, desires/goals for the season and overall interest in the position.

What type of education/training/equipment do you require?  

  • For full time work, CSIA level 1 as a minimum. 
  • For part time work, CASI level 1 or CSIA level 1.

What is the minimum age required to work for your company? Are there different age requirements for different positions? 

The Winter Sports School for Full Time seasonal positions, the ideal candidates are 18 years and over.

Provide a wage range for entry level positions. 

  • Instructors Level 1 $16.00/hour
  • Level 2 $22.00/hour
  • Level 3 $23.00/hour
  • Level 4 $24.50/hour

What are the hours of the business and general shift times? Are there a minimum number of hours someone needs to work per week? Is there flexibility regarding school schedules? 

General shift time starts at 8:30 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m. There are no guaranteed minimum number of hours. 

Schedule flexibility is possible through Monday - Friday. 

Weekends and holidays are required work shifts.

Is a uniform provided or do employees have to pay for it? 

Yes a teaching jacket is provided at no cost, unless returned damaged. 

All other gear is bought by the employee and is required (examples: skis, boots, poles, helmet, gloves, goggles, black snow pants etc.)

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